First Friday with Anette Power

En Plein Air Gallery welcomes Anette Power for First Friday, June 5 5:00 - 8:00 pm. Please stop by and meet this wonderful plein air painter.

Anette is our Artist In Residence 

During this month, from May 12th to June 12th, Award winning Artist in Residence Anette Power will display her plein air and studio work of familiar local scenes at En Plein Air Gallery.

She will continue creating more art during her month here and those pieces will be revealed on June 5th during First Friday and there will be a Public Reception from 5-8PM

If you want to visit with our artist check in on her FB page to see when and where she will be painting, or stop by the gallery to see her art!

Anette Power loved art and nature from early on, growing up on an island off the Swedish coast.  She was able to apply that passion here in the States as a Background Artist in Animation during her 14-year stint working for studios like Disney, Warner Bros., Cartoon Network and Universal. Today Anette enjoys painting scenes that capture life's colorful moments and our moment in time, whether it's classic cars, hazy atmosphere in nature or a building dappled in light.

You can learn more about Anette and her art here

More about Annette:

Anette Power's early memories in art stem from when fellow kindergarteners asked her to draw for them.   Anette credits her mom, also a painter, for her and her sister’s early exposure to art and providing a childhood full of creative exploration.   Growing up on an island off the Swedish coast set the stage for an on-going passion for nature and also spurred her dreams to see more of the world.   
She eventually landed in Los Angeles and found her way into the world of Animation spending 14 years thriving as an artist painting backgrounds for studios like Disney, Warner Bros., Cartoon Network and Universal.   This on the job training fine-tuned her skills and utilized her ability to capture a mood and tell a story with her work.   She has continued her studies with Ray Roberts, Peggy Kroll-Roberts, Camille Przewodek,  Albert Handell, William Wray, David Shevlino, Carol Marine and Glenn Dean among others.
Anette has had both solo and two-person shows in Sweden and the U.S. and her work is held in private collections in North America and Europe.
Anette is drawn to subject matters with light and color that celebrate life's fleeting moments.  She enjoys painting in locations that capture a sense of our personal place in history.    After two years as a full-time artist in residence at Studio Channel Islands Art Center Anette is now busy painting on location and in her new home studio.